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Company has the plans to organize the intermediate storehouses for finished products in the other countries.

Quartz Sands

pesokAs a result of kaolin ore enrichment, our company produces quartz sands. This material compares favourably with river sands due to monominerality and high intergranular porosity.

The quartz sand produced by us has been successfully used in water treatment systems of public utilities and industrial enterprises over a number of years. It has high resistance to mechanical, chemical, and weather impacts.

Properties of quartz sand produced by PROSCO RESOURCES Limited:

Name Value
Fe2O3, max 0,5
Al2O3, max 2
SiO2, min
Moisture, max 10
Clays, max (-63?м) 2
Sieve analysis
№ 1min 25,0
№ 4max 4,0
Bulk density, kg/m3 1400

Due to the increasing demand for quartz sands, the construction sand production unit was put into operation by our company in 2007. The enterprise's dumps serve as a source of raw materials for this production unit. The production unit technology enables us to perform the additional beneficiation of sand from the dumps and ensures that their qualitative parameters meet the requirements of norms and specifications.

This sand has become widely used in the construction industry as a fine aggregate for different concretes (heavy, fine, special, etc.), construction mortars, dry construction mixes, bases for motor roads, as a filler and a cementing component to produce sand-lime brick, paving flags and other kinds of presswork.

The angularity of the sand grains contributes to a considerable increase of mechanical strength of concrete products.

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