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The high quality of the Prosyana deposit, combined with the modern production technology used in processing produces grades that can meet the most stringent applications. High brightness grades suitable for use in high speed paper and board coating are produced and marketed as well as kaolin grades for supercalendered paper grades and other filling applications. Production flexibility allows the production of a wide range of grades with a range of particle sizes and brightness.

All coating and filling grades are supplied in the form of ‘acid lump’, noodles with a pH of 5-6 in bulk or one tonne big-bags.

In terms of application in different industries, the following grades of kaolin are singled out at the chemical refining plant:

Coating kaolin grades

The coating kaolin grades produced are engineered to give high performance and value in use. These grades are processed to classify the particles to specific particle size ranges by the removal of both ultrafine and coarse particles and the brightness is improved through the removal of impurities by magnetic separation and a bleaching process.
Dnipro Gloss 94% < 2 microns, 90% G.E.Brightness is a fine particle size, high brightness kaolin conferring high gloss.
Dnipro Plate 80% < 2 microns, 88% G.E.Brightness is a standard coating kaolin for use in all grades of coated paper.
Dnipro Surf 72% < 2 microns, 88% G.E.Brightness is a coarse delaminated coating kaolin for use in LWC roto formulations or in base coating for paperboard.

12 Typical properties

Filler grades

PROSCO RESOURCES filler grades are relatively coarse kaolin products with controlled particle size distribution and brightness.
Dnipro HB 55% < 2 microns, 86.5% G.E. Brightness is a development coarse filler product with extra high brightness for use for paper filling and coating and base coating of cardboard.
Dnipro GP 62 (60-65)% < 2 microns, 86% G.E. Brightness is a coarse PSD kaolin product with high brightness. Dnipro GP performs very well as a filler for paper and for the base coating of cardboard, especially when high brightness is required.
Dnipro SC 52 (50-55)% < 2 microns, 84% G.E. Brightness is used as a filler for newsprint, supercalendered and other kinds of paper.
Dnipro SC80 52% < 2 microns, 78-80% G.E. Brightness is a low brightness low cost development product recommended to be used for specific applications in newsprint, supercalendered paper manufacturing.

12 Typical properties

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