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Company has the plans to organize the intermediate storehouses for finished products in the other countries.

About company «PROSCO RESOURCES»

Prosco Resources Limited is a leading mining enterprise in Ukraine that is engaged in the development of minerals deposits, and the mining and marketing of refined kaolin and silica sand products. Seven per cent of the world reserves of kaolin are located on the territory of Ukraine. The Prosyana kaolin deposit is the largest kaolin deposit in Central and Eastern Europe.

The deposit was discovered in 1885, and the high quality Prosyana kaolin was already being used by the end of the 19th century. The history of the enterprise can be traced back to 1894 when on the basis of Prosyana deposit the construction of a kaolin enrichment plant was started.

Main Events in the Company History:

Farmworkers delivering raw kaolin from the quarry to the kaolin combine
(beginning of XX c.)
Raw kaolin delivery from a quarry to the surface by a horse-driven cart
(beginning of XX c.)
Filter-press, 1947
Prosyansky Mining and Processing Combine, 1966
1964 – the air float plant was constructed
1983 – the wet enrichment plant was commissioned
1998 – the state owned Prosyansky mining combine became PJSC Prosyansky Mining Combine
2005 – the purchase of Prosyansky mining combine by UMIN Limited industrial holding
2008 – the companies Prosyansky Mining Combine PJSC and CJSC “JSC Dnipro Kaolin” merged their activities;
Prosco Resources Limited was founded

At present the enterprise consists of three plants (wet enrichment, chemical enrichment and the air float plant), Vershynsky and Zapadno-Dibrovsky quarries, auxiliary bodies and subdivisions.

The company employs about 800 people in all production units and development projects and its’ headquartered is in Dniepropetrovsk.

Prosco Resources Limited values the safety and health of its employees, clients and communities in which it works and is striving to work within sensible limits that minimize the impact on the environment.

The production site of PROSCO RESOURCES occupies about 165 hectares and each year between 1 and 1.5 hectares of land undergo extraction at Vershynsky and Zapadno-Dibrovsky quarries.

A total area of 17 hectares has been restored with fertile soil by the company prepared for agricultural use.

Agricultural crops have now been planted on the recultivated land.
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