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Company has the plans to organize the intermediate storehouses for finished products in the other countries.


logistic1There is a covered warehouse for finished products within the combine’s territory, with up-to-date loading equipment. Products are supplied both in bulk and in packaging (in big bags and paper sacks).

The location of the operations of PROSCO RESOURCES Limited makes it possible to perform regular deliveries of considerable volumes of products by rail, by trucks and by sea vessels.

Enriched kaolin is exported to over 20 countries.

Our main markets are the FSU countries, Nordic countries, Central and Eastern Europe countries, as well as the markets of Middle East and Africa.
Kaolin can be directly supplied through the Ukrainian ports of Odessa (Black Sea), Illichivsk (Black Sea), Mariupol (Azov Sea).

We perform transhipments through freight terminals in the following Baltic ports: Klaipeda (Lithuania), Liepaja (Latvia) and Ventspils (Latvia), and in the following European ports: Enns (Germany), Krems (Austria), Ravenna (Italy), and Monfalcone (Italy).

We are constantly striving to improve the logistics systems and to find the most efficient ways to satisfy our customers’ needs.

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